Charity Spotlight 2022-2023

Guys believe in our mission and put a lot of effort into our selection process to determine the cause and charity we will support during the calendar year. We get nominations from all of our Guys and then spend time learning more about each charity. It’s important for us to know and understand who we are supporting and how we can make an impact in our local community.

For 2022-2023 we are excited to support Connect With a Wish as our Charity Spotlight. Connect With A Wish is a Virginia Beach based, 501c3 nonprofit that provides children in local foster care with resources and support to live well and grow.

Our support for Connect With A Wish is provided in three main ways:

  • Fundraising– we will look to hit a key goal based on the needs of the charity
  • Volunteering- we will give our time, expertise, and efforts in the field to help support them
  • Events- we will help raise awareness and support for their planned events and activities

Connect With A Wish – Mission

“To connect the wishes and needs of children in Virginia Beach and local foster care with the generosity of our community. We provide the resources and support needed to give these children the opportunity to grow into positive and productive members of our community”

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Past Charitable Support

In 2020 – 2021, the efforts of Guys Doing Good went to support Seton Youth Shelters. Serving all of Hampton Roads, Seton Youth Shelters provides 24-hour emergency shelter for youth ages 9-17 years old and in special cases for 18 year olds. This program serves runaway and homeless youth and youth in crisis within their family, school and/or community. Seton Youth Shelters operates two gender-specific shelters in Virginia Beach, one for boys and girls. In their shelters, residents are provided youth advocacy and individual/family crisis counseling.

The Guys assisted Seton with clean-up days at their facilities, and raised over $25,000 through various fundraisers. We still continue to show our support for Seton Youth Shelters and the amazing work they do in our community.

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